Male Enhancement Capsules   - VEGA Power Capsule

Male Enhancement Capsules - VEGA Power Capsule

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Male Enhancement Capsules - VEGA Power Capsule are the male power capsule that offers natural herbal formula containing herbs that helps in increasing health as well as supporting the issues related to Male health problems and other health problem. 
For gaining erection several body parts work in complete coordination, and an issue in any of parts makes it difficult for gaining as well as maintaining erection. The herbal capsules that act as Ayurvedic aphrodisiac and supports people in overcoming Male health problems as well as providing guaranteed satisfaction.

  • As herbal dietary supplement for male power enhancement


Key Ingredients :


Characteristics of Ingredients used in Vega Power Capsules


Indian Name

Latin name



Ashwagandha ext


Withania somnifera


It is a rejuvenative herb, with potent aphrodisiac property. Also helps the body to adapt to stress conditions.



Asphaltum panjabinum


Nervine tonic and aphrodisiac


Safed musli ext

Chlorophytum arundinaceum

Promotes semen production, diaphoretic, stimulant.



Emblica officinalis

Laxative, relieves stress, helps to overcome anemia, aphrodisiac.


Semal ext

Salmalia malabarica

Aphrodisiac, Urinary disorder. The root of this tree is used as a natural aphrodisiac and an effective natural performance enhancing herbal remedy. It gives strength to overall body.


Adrak ext

Zingiber officinale

Anti inflammatory, Has high potassium content, protects sterility, muscle weakness and mental apathy, and is a stimulant and antidepressant.


Shatavari ext

Asparagus racemosus

Aphrodisiac, laxative.



Crocus sativus

Delayed ejaculation can be a natural consequence of ageing in men, or may result from diabetes or the use of medicines like anti-depressants. useful in this condition



Myristica fragrans

It acts as an aphrodisiac by stimulating the central nervous system and warming the loins. Being carminative in action it hastens the absorption of other herbs and enhances their effect. While increasing and maintaining vigor, Jaiphal has a tranquilizing effect that helps to avert premature ejaculation.


Moch ras

Salmalia malabarica

The root of this tree is used as a natural aphrodisiac and an effective natural performance enhancing herbal remedy. It gives strength to overall body.



Blepharis edulis

Aphrodisiac, stimulant, insipissant to semen.


Kaunch beej

Mucuna pruriens

Aphrodisiac, t is known to boost testosterone levels, increase Semen count and improve desire


Possible Benefits of Formulation :

  • Helps in enhancing blood flow
  • Helps in stimulating nerve endings
  • Helps in enhancing strength and stamina
  • Helps in providing relief from high stress levels
  • Helps in enhancing the sex desire as well as also improving performance
  • Helps in improving the quality of life


  • Male health problems

Usage Directions:

  • One capsule needs to be taken twice daily with water, fruit juice or milk

Packaging Details:

  • 60 Capsules

Disclaimer : The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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